Change for the better!

“I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do, AND doing it in such a professional way. Wow! Very impressive company! Because this is the fourth thermogram I have done, I knew exactly what to expect; however, I was a bit hesitant to change practitioners. I’m ever so glad that I did as I felt very comfortable with your confidence and knowledge. For the past three years, I truly thought it was about just the colors!

Your personal, invested interest in helping others, and your passion is so obviously heartfelt that it makes your company quite special. It’s so refreshing to come across a person who feels as passionate about alternative healthcare options as I do. I finally got smart about 15 years ago, slowly transitioning my family and my animals to homeopathic medicine. I also got smart about dental work, and now I use an amazing biological dentist.” – Laurie S.

Very easy, comfortable, and safe

“I found DITI Imaging two years ago after I researched alternate, safe ways of breast scanning. I wanted to get away from small amounts of radiation and find more reliable ways. Also, I have a breast implant and fibrocystic disease and regular mammograms to my knowledge do not catch leaks in implants that well. DITI Imaging is a very easy, comfortable, and safe way to get my breast scan done yearly. It is quick and painless. I am pleased with the final report that is sent to my home and doctor. It is easy to read and very reliable. Thank you DITI Imaging!” – Samantha R.

I no longer dread

“I have fibrocystic breast disease and it was so nice to finally have a healthy screening option that did not push, pinch, or radiate my body. I felt the quality of care and the customer service is great. I no longer dread (or postpone) my annual screenings. The “no touching” makes me happy and I love that this technology is able to identify problems earlier than a mammogram. I highly recommend it.” – Kiki F.

My oncologist is very supportive

“It was almost 3 years ago that I heard of THERMOGRAPHY at a health conference in Austin, TX. Having lost all confidence in mammography and ultrasounds (which did not detect my Stage IIIB Cancer in 1992) and being concerned about more exposure to radiation after years of monitoring breasts and bones…I was excited to learn that there was a choice when it comes to monitoring breasts. When I asked my oncologist about thermography, she referred me to DITI Imaging and its owner (also a breast cancer survivor). I am delighted to report that not only am I more confident that my left breast and right chest wall (from mastectomy) are being monitored without unnecessary radiation exposure, but have the added benefit of no more painful smashing of the breast! My oncologist is very supportive of this FDA approved method and has commented how much more information on the chest and breast is reported on the comprehensive report and thermal image she receives from DITI Imaging’s thermography report. I highly recommend the use of thermography to monitor breast health and I am confident that ANY changes will be found much sooner and more safely than any other testing method now available.” – Karen T.

A safer alternative to a traditional mammogram

“I have been getting thermography with DITI for quite a few years. I believe it to be a safer alternative to a traditional mammogram and the ladies at DITI make it so easy. They make me feel comfortable and the thermography is pain free!!!” – Diane B.

No radiation exposure

“As a Certified Naturopathic Consultant, I am interested in the many diagnostic tools that are available today, especially ones that offer little or no radiation exposure such as, thermography. The fact that Thermography is used when western doctors need to have a clear, more defined diagnosis for a patient renders just how important and viable Thermography is. Thermography can be used for women and men to screen the body for inflammation and is a great option to enhance delicate areas of the body that may have suffered surgical trauma.

Throughout the years, the level of professionalism, care and understanding from all of the employees at DITI has always been outstanding . It is my pleasure to refer DITI to clients as I know first hand they will be treated with the utmost respect and care. Keep up the good work and Thank you for all you do!” – Summer V.

Not only professional but personable

“For the past six years I have had the pleasure of utilizing DITI for my breast health annual check up.   As someone concerned about unnecessary exposure to radiation & no family history of breast cancer DITI was the obvious choice for me.  Michelle Hart (owner & operator) is not only professional but personable. Her warm smile greets you at the door and walks you through the process of taking your images. This year I decided to do a full body scan as I’ve had some recent health issues. Again, Michelle made the appointment fun and relaxing even thought I had practically no clothes on.

Michelle’s commitment to sharing her knowledge and passion is evident when talking with her. Her new office space is beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. I trust Michelle and her staff to always be on time, happy and cheerful!” – Becky R.

Be active in your own health

“I first started using thermography in 2006. I was going through a rough patch in my life – feeling a lot of stress. I was surprised that the first baseline I took showed that I was at high risk for developing pathology. I had no family history of breast disease. I was fortunate to have a homeopathic physician to help me through this and I began proactive steps to help myself heal. I began using homeopathic supplements to lower my inflammation and increase my immune system, and I sought out ways to manage my stress. Within four months my thermography interpretations changed from saying I was at ‘high risk’ to ‘some risk, and nine months later to read that I was within ‘normal limits’ and my thermal activity had stabalized.

I love thermography because it allows you to be active in your own health.  I was able to take control of my health because I had information that something wasn’t working for me within my body. And I had that information before it manifested itself into something really scary.

Thermography empowers you.” – Patti M.